20 December 2018 | Training Camps

Your Next Training Camp on Mallorca

We're sure you've already heard lots of reasons for choosing a Training Camp on Mallorca.

And most of them go without saying: the wonderful countryside, the excellent connections with other European airports, the hotel facilities and services... But those of us at Arrivo Cycling would like to suggest five other reasons that are above and beyond the usual ones.

Sa Calobra: the 10 km and almost 7% average gradient offered by the Sa Calobra route are, in themselves, a prime reason for choosing Mallorca for your next Training Camp. A unique ascent that starts at sea level and goes through the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, whose exceptional scenery will take your breath away. But make sure you don't leave without taking a selfie at the Nu de Sa Corbata or "tie knot"!

A lot more than just hills: the island of Mallorca offers the perfect combination of flat bike routes, such as in the centre of the island, and countless mountain passes including those in the aforementioned Serra de Tramuntana. So you can tailor routes to suit your own level of fitness and skill and even how you feel when you get on your bike in the morning. You choose: Mallorca never lets you down!

The ambience: there's nothing quite like Mallorca's cycling world during the months of spring. Hundreds (and even thousands) of cyclists congregate every morning, especially in the area around Playa de Muro and Pollença, the operational base for Arrivo Cycling. And cycling culture emanates from every pore of stores such as 312 Bike House at Playa de Muro and Artà, as well as a large number of bars and other establishments!

Wonderful wandering: it might be hard to believe but one of the greatest pleasures of cycling on Mallorca is going off on its many side roads. There are lots of opportunities to discover new routes on roads with hardly any motor traffic and which often provide views of the island's countryside that wouldn't be out of place in the 19th century.

Getting together with local cyclists: Mallorca has a fantastic cycling community. For instance, over 2,000 cyclists took part in the latest Mallorca 312. It's a chance to strike up a conversation and share your passion. What's more, they can recommend little-known routes that are well worth a try. That's why Arrivo Cycling's guides are locals who know the island like the back of their hand, to ensure your Training Camp is unique.