The best cycling in Mallorca

Mallorca is a cycling paradise and the World Tour teams know it, for this reason at any time of the year you can find teams or professional cyclists training on our roads, since many of them also reside on the island. Click on the post to read more about it!

Spain is the cycling destination par excellence, both for professionals and amateurs, thanks to its climate and terrain. Every year the UCI World Tour teams carry out preseason training in different areas in our country. One of the most notable destinations is Mallorca, due to its combination of sea, mountains, flat land and good weather in the same place, which allows you to enjoy and make the most of your training.

Mallorca has made a place for itself in the cycling world, not only because of the attributes already mentioned, but because of the sporting events that are held. Cyclists can participate in events such as the famous Mallorca 312 or enjoy the best cycling in the 'Challenge Ciclista Mallorca', a test in which the best professional teams participate.

As we have mentioned, the island is one of the favorite destinations for the best teams, for this reason the Ineos and Bora teams settle on the island every year during the preseason. In addition, the Visma - Lease a Bike, EF and many others teams usually visit us on several occasions to hold 'stages'. I think that every Mallorcan cyclist has come across these teams several times on the roads and some of us lucky ones have tried to hold the wheel even for 5 minutes at our maximum power. 

In addition, I would not only highlight the teams that come to carry out their stages in the preseason, since many cyclists and professional athletes have decided to move to Mallorca. It is very common to race in local competitions against an Olympic medalist or against a World Tour rider.

Professionals know that Mallorca is an incredible destination for cycling, how can it be that we still don't know have you visited? Don't hesitate to contact us to find out the places where the best train!