L'Assarell: hell in Pollença

If you are a lover of suffering and ramps of more than 15%, this is your mountain port.

The island of Mallorca is known among cyclists for the entire plain with the impressive Sierra de Tramuntana combined with our good weather. On the island there are mountain ports for all types of cyclists: shorter ones like 'La Victori', longer ones like the 'Coll del Puig Major', easier ones like the 'Coll den Claret' and hard ones like 'L 'Assarell'. If you had the belief that in Mallorca we do not have hard passes, you should visit L'Assarell and you will surely change your mind.

In some sections the average is more than 14% and in some ramps exceeds 20%, it is not surprising that this port is feared by cyclists on the island. It is only suitable for the bravest cyclists who want to test the endurance of their legs. I'm sure that 'Sa Calobra' will seem like a walk later!

If you don't believe me, you can check it out in this Strava segment, so you can save it in favorites for your next visit:  https://www.strava.com/segments/15960677?filter=overall. It is a climb of almost 4 km that begins with a slight ascent that gradually gets steeper until reaching the last kilometer and a half, where the hardest ramps await you. But hey, as the title of the segment says in Mallorcan... L'assarell up, without fear!

If you don't have enough and want to suffer until the end, don't worry, we have more to offer you! You can continue your route towards Puig de Maria, also in Pollença, a climb with a 1.5 kilometer paved section (you cannot reach the top) that you will not forget either. Also save this climb for your next visit: https://www.strava.com/segments/3774388. If you are staying in the northern part of the island, I would not hesitate to visit these ramps, since you will appreciate being close to your hotel after these climbs.

As you see, in Mallorca it is not all about going to the Formentor Lighthouse or climbing the Coll de sa Batalla, which is also beautiful, but we have much more to offer you during your cycling holidays. . Book now with Arrivo cycling and don't miss it!

In addition, It is said that with the Giant TCR Advanced that we have at Arrivo... the ramps seem less hard, so I wouldn't risk it ;)

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