Sven Nys Mallorca Training Camp

On March 11, the Sven Nys Mallorca Training Camp was held. This training camp was led by Sven Nys and other local guides from Mallorca. During 7 days several groups of cyclists could enjoy the most spectacular cycling routes on the island. In this post we explain it to you in great detail.

From March 11 to 17, the Sven Nys Mallorca Training Camp was held with routes throughout the geography of Mallorca by the hand of Sven Nys and our local guides. The leadership of Sven Nys, the climate and the best scenery in Europe such as Mallorca, made this training camp a successful event.

7 days ahead , many kilometers, but a lot of desire and motivation to face the Sven Nys Mallorca Training Camp.

DAY 1: & nbsp; El Puig de Randa crowned by the Sanctuary of Cura gave the starting gun to the Sven Nys Mallorca Training Camp. The headwind made it difficult for us to go, but it also caused that when we returned we were literally like a shot.

DAY 2: & nbsp; Orient and “Coll de Honor” were waiting for us for the second stage of the training camp. The tranquility of the route together with the beautiful day we had made this a great route.

DAY 3: & nbsp; The port Sven Nys' favorite mountain in Mallorca is the Coll de Sobremunt and how could it be otherwise, we started the day by climbing it. It was only the first of the day's mountain passes as the third day with 132 kilometers and 3,300 meters of elevation gain was the most demanding day. 6 hours of cycling through the most spectacular landscape of Mallorca. Groups 2 and 3 went to Coll de sa Batalla.

DAY 4: & nbsp; After 3 days of demanding routes it was Recovery Day. A short 45 km outing with an unbeatable final destination: a “pa amb oli” on the beachfront at Ca’n Picafort, in San Remo Café. Those who were left wanting more decided on a few races to the hotel.

DAY 5: & nbsp; The Formentor lighthouse it was the setting chosen for this fifth day. Even though the strong wind forced the route to be shortened, the journey to the Formentor lighthouse was rewarded by the bright sun that accompanied us. After a comforting coffee, it was time to return to the hotel and regain strength for what awaited us the next day.

DAY 6: & nbsp; Sa Calobra was waiting for us so we had to gather strength in the morning to fully enjoy the route. With 115 kilometers and 2000 meters of unevenness, it seemed like a demanding day. The approach to the Calobra was calm, where each participant of the Sven Nys Mallorca Training Camp had their rhythm on the ascents and they waited for the descents. Upon reaching the "Coll del Reis" the party began as each cyclist faced the climb in their own way. Of course, when he got to the top he touched the group photo of the victory.