Tips Mallorca 312: Should I rent a bike or bring my own?

When signing up for a cycling event or organizing a cycling holiday, the same question always arises: Should I take my bike or rent it? In this post we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

When signing up for a big cycling event or organizing a cycling holiday, the same question always arises: Should I take my bike or rent it? since we normally travel to destinations far from home and travel by plane. The truth is that the decision is not easy, for this reason, in this post we will expose the positive and negative aspects of the two options:

Advantages and disadvantages of carrying your own bicycle

The main advantage of bringing your own bicycle is clear: it is adjusted to your measurements and you are used to it, since having to adapt to a new bicycle for only a few days can be annoying. You can transport the bicycle in the plane or send it to the destination by mail.

The biggest disadvantage is the risk that the bicycle can suffer some damage during transport, it will not be the first time that the suitcase gets lost or bumped, turning your cycling trip into hell. Furthermore, we must add the possible problems and the time invested in disassembling and packing the bicycle. In addition, it is worth highlighting the high costs of these transfers since for the same price you could have a rental bicycle of equal or higher quality at the destination.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting one bicycle

Rent a bicycle has several advantages, to begin with the comfort of traveling without extra packages and find the wonderful Giant TCR Advanced 2024 waiting for you at the hotel's bicycle station ready for use, without having to assemble or disassemble anything and adjusted to your measurements. On many occasions you will surely enjoy a higher quality bicycle than the one you have at home and it will allow you to experiment with different brands and components if you wish. Furthermore, when you rent a bicycle from a local store you will have contact with local people who can advise you on routes, help in case of any incident... you will have someone to turn to in case of any questions.

The main disadvantage would be having to adapt to a bicycle that is not yours. We all know that cyclists are very picky about having our bicycle adjusted to our measurements and the components to which we are accustomed. These changes can lead us to suffer discomfort and lack of safety during our routes.

At Arrivo cycling we know how important it is to have a good bicycle adapted to your measurements and we try to minimize possible inconveniences. of the rent. For this reason we try to have our fleet updated with bicycles with the best components and we request measurements to adapt the bicycle to each cyclist.

After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the two options we know that not one easy decision, but after reading this post, what do you prefer, rent or take your bike?

Xesca :)