Formentor Lighthouse: What you need to know

Surely you have heard about the Formentor Lighthouse and plan to visit it on your next holiday in Mallorca, in this post we explain the current restrictions so that you can fully enjoy your next visit to Mallorca.

The Formentor Lighthouse located at Cap Formentor is one of the most emblematic locations in Mallorca, especially for cyclists. The Formentor Lighthouse is located in the extreme north of Mallorca in the municipality of Pollensa. Built 188 meters above sea level, it houses a 22-meter-high tower. The area where the Formentor Lighthouse is located is of great scenic value and is part of the Tramuntana Mountains, declared by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the way to the Formentor Lighthouse you will enjoy beautiful panoramic views.

On the road from Puerto de Pollensa to the Formentor Lighthouse you will find impressive places such as the Colomer viewpoint, the Albercutx Watchtower, the Beach from Formentor, Cala Murta or Cala Figuera. According to the 'Strava Report', most of the most popular segments in Spain are in the Balearic Islands, including the ascent to Coll de sa Creueta, the first ascent on the road from Puerto de Pollensa to the Formentor Lighthouse.

Although not everything is so perfect, the fame of this place along the narrow and winding road that leads from Puerto de Pollensa to the Lighthouse has led several times to the collapse of this road between bicycles and rental cars of tourists who want to visit the lighthouse, for this reason, since the summer of 2021, there are traffic restrictions in access to the Formentor Lighthouse. The restrictions on the Formentor road are intended to regulate vehicle traffic (especially cars) accessing the Formentor peninsula. In this way we seek to avoid overcrowding, car jams and preserve the environment. At the same time, options are offered to continue having the opportunity to access Formentor in a sustainable way.

On the date we write this post, in 2024, the restrictions apply between 1 June and September 30 from 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. The restrictions affect two sections of road:

From Puerto Pollensa to Formentor beach (first section)

You can Access by shuttle bus or car BUT you will only avoid the fine if you have authorization or if there is free space in the beach parking lot.

From Formentor beach to the Lighthouse from Formentor (second section)

You can only go from Formentor beach to the lighthouse on the shuttle bus. Please note that traffic has installed cameras along the road to monitor car license plates.

Fortunately, there are no restrictions on cyclists, which allows us to enjoy the road to the Lighthouse. Formentor hardly has any traffic during the months of restrictions.

If you plan to travel to Mallorca outside the season of restrictions, we recommend that you get up early, especially on weekends in the months of April, May and October, in which the tourist season on the island has already begun but no restrictions are yet applied. Starting at 10 a.m. The roads are filled with buses, rental cars and bicycles that go up and down the narrow roads.

I hope this post has been useful for your next trip. visit the Formentor Lighthouse, and help you make the most of your holiday in Mallorca.

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