Join the Arrivo Cycling club!

We have created the Arrivo cycling club on Strava. Thanks to being part of the club you will be updated on the latest cycling news, relevant information for the Mallorca 312 - 2024 event and much more! In addition, you can share training and experiences with other cycling enthusiasts. Join our community through this post.

From the Arrivo team we have a great commitment to our clients, we think that being part of our community will help motivate members in their training, you will be able to compare segments, be part of our classifications... 

In case you don't know this application, Strava is a social platform that allows athletes to record their outdoor outings and compare themselves with other athletes in the different segments that each route has. It allows you to join clubs, participate in events, chat with other athletes...

Our goal is to bring cycling enthusiasts together in a space where they can share achievements, experiences and challenges. In addition, we are going to publish posts with relevant information for your participation in events, cycling tips and current news. Athletes can discover other peers who also train on the same routes and even have meetups to share a workout together. In addition, through this club, whose subscription is completely free, updated information is maintained on new posts, relevant information and challenges carried out by Arrivo.

The Arrivo cycling club will allow us to have a channel of direct information with its members, in addition to creating a community in which camaraderie, support and motivation will be fostered. It will allow you to establish group goals and challenges with one objective: to fully enjoy the passion for cycling. You can also consult the statistics and participate in the club's rankings, which always helps to motivate yourself.

Through this community, users will be able to participate in forums, explore unknown routes, meet with others athletes who also come from abroad with whom to share experiences. In addition to being able to join the Arrivo events and challenges!

Thanks to being part of the Arrivo cycling club you will be updated on the latest cycling news and you will be able to share training and experiences with other members of the club. club. Join the Arrivo club!

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