Discover the Balearic Islands in autumn


If you travel to the Balearic Islands in autumn, you will confirm that not everything is a beach. It is the golden age for walkers and cyclists, but also an ideal time to discover its natural landscapes on horseback or practice adventure sports. The pleasant sunny days also invite you to stroll and admire the heritage of its urban centers. Cultural visits, food and wine, shows ...

All this without overlooking the fact that it is the time of the great fairs, the perfect excuse to get to know the towns of the interior , who strive to show the visitor their best products.

If you travel to the Balearic Islands late, you will confirm that it is not all beach. This is the time for hikers and cyclists, but it is also an ideal moment to discover the most natural paratges in Cavall or to practice adventure sports. The days of pleasant sun also invite to stroll and admire the patrimoni dels seus nuclis urbans. Cultural visits, enogastronomy, spectacles ...

Tot això sense passar per alt that is the temps of the great fires, the perfect excuse for connecting the towns of l'interior, which they want to show to the visitor the serious millors products.

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