09 october 2017 | Mallorca Cycling Holidays

TOP 5 Mallorca Climbs

Sa Calobra. If we could rename this climb, we will name it: THE CLIMB. After 10 kilometres down there is only one way to go back: by undoing the path with its 687 metres of climbing.

Santuari de Cura. After 4,5 kilometres and 294 meters of climbing, the views of the top allows you be the king of the reign as you can observe all the island from its central point.

Coll de Soller. You can’t come to cycling Mallorca without riding Coll de Sóller. With its 5,8 kilometres and 304 meters of climbing and an extraordinary path the features of Coll de Sóller make itself the most peaceful and enjoyable climb in Mallorca. You can choose between fast ascent or a quiet one to be delight by the sights.

Ermita de Betlem. In the east of Mallorca we find this charming climb. After 5,1 kilometres from Playa de Muro and 233 meters of climbing we locate this hidden hermitage. The road is, literally, like an snake climbing the mountain since you leave Artà behind. Its calm and is special charming surprises you at the end with the views to the full Bahía de Alcudia. The final shot is to visit the Ermita de Betlem where the friars used to live years ago.

Coll de sa Batalla. Last, but not least we want to highlight Coll de Sa Batalla. The fresh air of Sierra de Tramontana greets you as you climb the ascent. With a 8,3 kilometres and 433 meters of climbing it is one of the mythical Mallorca climbs. At the end of Coll de Sa Batalla you can choose between going further with other climbs or going along until Pollença.

Which is your favourite one? Enjoy all of this climbs with Arrivo Cycling and discover other in your Mallorca cycling trip.