10 January 2019 | Training Camps

Hire the perfect bike for you during your holidays on Mallorca

You've arrived on Mallorca for your Training Camp and it's time to indulge in your passion for cycling on the island's endless roads accompanied by its incredible scenery.

But you wouldn't want to turn your holiday into a nightmare with a bike that isn't up to the task, would you?

At Arrivo Cycling we know you wouldn't. That's why we only have the highest quality bikes from a world leader like Giant Bikes. So your experience will be as it should be: unforgettable. Because a premium holiday demands a premium bike!

Here are the different models of Giant rental bikes available at Arrivo Cycling, so you can choose the best option for you:

Giant Propel: Giant's most spectacular and advanced bicycle. The Giant Propel, used this season by the CCC Team and Belgian pro, Greg Van Avermaet, boasts an aggressive, 100% aerodynamic design. Equipped with carbon wheels and a Shimano Di2 electronic gears, it's the ideal bike if the word "speed" is carved into your DNA.

Giant TCR Adv Pro 0 Disc: The ultimate in elegance, that's the only way to describe the Giant TCR Adv Pro 0 Disc. Ultra lightweight but delivering sublime performance and control to take you to the next level. Don't kid yourself: if you're looking for the best in the market, this is the bike for you.

Giant Defy Adv Pro 0: Giant's Defy range just eats up the miles. The geometry of its carbon composite frame is designed to optimise vibrations on the road while delivering the right level of stiffness to ensure greater pedalling efficiency. It also has disc brakes and a Shimano Ultegra gears with the latest electronic Di2 technology.

Giant Defy Adv 1: Like its big sister, the Giant Defy Adv 1 was born to accompany you on endless journeys from sunrise to sunset - as long as your legs can keep up. Naturally it has disc brakes and a Shimano Ultegra gears.

Giant TCR Adv 1 Disc PRO Compact: If you're looking for an all-rounder that suits a wide range of riders, the Giant TCR Adv1 PRO Compact is definitely for you. This versatile bike delivers comfort on the flats and climbs but also responds perfectly on the most dizzying descents with total control.

Already made up your mind? You can hire your bike right now on our booking page.