19 october 2019 | Sportives and Events

10 reasons not to miss Mallorca 312

Are you passionate about the two wheels? Is cycling more than just a sport for you? Do you like to pedal by hobby, but are you also excited about participating in major events?
If that's your case, you cannot miss Mallorca 312! It is one of the most important Grand Fondo races in the world and we want you to be a part of it. Next edition will be at 25th April 2020.

Is it not enough to face one of the most exciting competitions in the world? In that case, we would like to give you 10 reasons not to miss the Mallorca 312 of 2020. Ready? We start!

1. Mallorca, the island of cycling. The weather, the roads, the incredible mountain passes, the landscape ... Mallorca has idyllic conditions to practice this sport, which makes it a centre of international pilgrimage.

2. More than a Gran Fondo! Mallorca 312 is more than just a race. It is a global experience that has cycling at the core. The meeting point for lovers of authentic cycling that hooks and always requires repeating.

3. The safest race you can imagine. The Mallorca 312 is designed to be safe for each and every one of the participants. To safeguard your health and your integrity, the organization presents a route totally closed to vehicle traffic. During the race, cyclists will be the only protagonists.

4. Three courses for any level. Mallorca 312 is aware that not all of us have the same level. That is why they created three different itineraries that appeal to any level of training and objective. What challenges are you going to put forward?

5. The atmosphere that accompanies the participant throughout the tour. It is a race, a competition. But Mallorca 312 reigns a spectacular atmosphere of companionship and help, both among cyclists themselves and with the public. Experience this spectacular atmosphere and you will not regret it!

6. The landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana. We have already told you that Mallorca has some roads and a perfect climate for cycling. But you will also fall in love with the landscapes on which you will ride and pedal. Especially in the Serra de Tramuntana, part of the World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

7. The mood of the local population and volunteers. The island changes with Mallorca 312. Not in vain, it is one of the most important in the world in the category of Gran Fondo. Do you want to live the best cycling environment? Mallorca 312 is your event and Arrivo Cycling, as an official agency, wants to help you!

8. The excitement when crossing the finish line. All the effort, sacrifice and training carried out are concentrated at the moment of crossing the finish line. You will realize that it has been worthwhile, you will enjoy an adrenaline rush and you will feel like repeating, progressing and improving in the next edition.

9. An event that has captivated more than 30,000 participants in 10 years. It is not a new event. Mallorca 312 has a decade of experience and thousands and thousands of cyclists have passed through here to enjoy a unique competition. Are you going to miss this incredible experience?

10. A global event with participants from more than 50 nationalities that have made it the GREAT cycling festival it is today. In total, 8,000 participants from all over the world explicitly enjoy the passion of pedalling in this race. An incomparable party.

11. BONUS! The friendships that are created among the participants who share the tour. The ties that are created between the cyclists of the Mallorca 312 are practically unbreakable! Road mates, training and even friends for life.